Updating the Entry of a Creekside Home

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Kay’s entry has a wall of windows and a glass front door which makes it more of a sun room than just a place to hang your coat.  The entry has a wood burning fireplace for a cozy and comfortable place for Kay and her best friend to sit and talk about all their great memories of family and friends.  … Read More

A Beautiful Remodel for a Creekside Home

Tinas IDRRemodeling

Kay Pieser is one of those clients who allowed me an opportunity to bring her personality back into her home.  When I first met Kay she was trying to decide between building a beautiful new house on her property or salvage her existing house.  I explained she could build a beautiful new house, yet she would lose the charm and … Read More

Tina’s Client Kay Gives Her Testimony!

Tinas IDRRemodeling

The time is right…let’s do it…contact an interior designer and begin remodeling!!! I made an appointment, but it was a month out.  My girlfriend and I were ready and waiting when the day came.  After one half hour passed with no word, out came the Yellow Pages.  Tina Nelson had an ad which said she was a Certified Interior Designer … Read More

Legal Recognition for Interior Designers- Myths and Facts

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The following are myths and facts about about legal recognition of interior designers in California courtesy of the California Council of Interior Designers:  SEEKING LEGAL RECOGNITION FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS IN CALIFORNIA  MYTH OR FACT? You may have heard a lot lately from different groups here in California talking about “seeking legal recognition for the interior design profession in California”. There … Read More

Another Satisfied Client -Tina Will Make Sure to Hear You and See Your Style.

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The following is a letter from Jean Kilpatrick, another satisfied client of Tina’s Interior Design Resources. “I think Tina talks to you – gets a grasp of your personality and then builds on that – she doesn’t include her personal likes or dislikes.”  A couple of years ago my husband and I lost everything in a fire.  65-70 years of … Read More

Finding Your Style

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Do you tell your friends you have no concept of style or taste? Your feelings may be based on faulty information. Everyone has personality and therefore a sense of style and taste. Once you begin your own design journey you will find yourself and your style. Fill your home with items chosen to make you feel good, not just things … Read More