Everyone should periodically stage their home or office in order to put a new life and spirit into your surroundings. Staging does not have to be about buying new things. Staging, which usually involves basic reorganization and cleaning, can be as simple as rearranging your accecories, rehanging art, or moving your furniture to make a nice conversation grouping. Rather than hanging several small pieces of art you can install a large picture as a stylish statement piece. By making these small changes you are not only refreshing your living or working space, you are also allowing these spaces to reflect an atmosphere of easy living. Here is an example of how something a simple as rearranging your accessories can give your home a refreshed look.

In another home one of my clients had white countertops with black tiles interspersed, which she felt was not pleasing to the eye. In order to improve the aesthetics I took a black bowl filled with green apples and placed it on the dinette table. By doing this the visual attention was split, softening the effect of the black tile.

One of the services I provide is a one hour design consultation for $75. I can help with home staging and give you ideas to refresh your home or office.