Do you tell your friends you have no concept of style or taste? Your feelings may be based on faulty information. Everyone has personality and therefore a sense of style and taste. Once you begin your own design journey you will find yourself and your style.

Fill your home with items chosen to make you feel good, not just things to fill your space. Take a little time to complete my test. It will help you create a design look reflective of your personality. A design based on your personality will be timeless because it never goes out of style. It’s an expression of yourself and tells people who you are.

Stop by your local book store or the magazine rack at the grocery store. Pick out shelter or interior design magazines you enjoy. These can include such titles as Better Homes and Gardens, Contemporary Living, Traditional Homes, or House Beautiful. As you browse through them, tear out pictures which catch your eye. Do not put a great deal of thought into the process. Simply make your choices based on your reaction to what you see: a picture of an apple on a table, a plank of wood flooring, or an actual room you love. If your husband is also interested, give him an opportunity to choose pictures.

Magazine pictures will be like the ones you’d find online, though the colors will be more accurate. I employ this technique all the time with my clients. It helps them start making plans for their own homes. I decipher their design needs from the pictures they present to me.

You can become an amateur designer in your own right. You simply need a professional pointing you in the right direction, then keeping you on the right path once you begin. Remember this important fact: Once you find your style, you may no longer be buying new furnishings every few years. You can afford to invest in quality items which will last many years to come. You will save more money in the long run and live more sustainably