Recently, Tina completed a job redecorating a man’s office space that had become his “man cave”. The makeover was initially requested by his wife who was tired of cleaning the mess and saw a need for better organization. One of the biggest improvements Tina made was providing space in the “cave” to store his precious possessions.

Prior to the remodel, the desk was stacked with books, papers, and other miscellaneous items. Tina added some masculine cherry-wood storage cabinets and shelves. Although the husband was resistant to change his space at first, Tina was able to create the clean and organized space his wife wanted while still maintaining the masculine space enjoyed by the husband. Nearly 40 years in the interior design business has afforded Tina the ability to be a great negotiator between men and women and has taught her how to work with any style in remodeling.

Before – A great space that needed organization.

After – The real secret to being organized is to simply creating a place for someone to put something so they don’t loose track of it. A great space that is organized, clean, and well-utilized.