Selecting An Interior Designer

Designer with Credentials

When hiring an interior designer you want a professional who has education, credentials, and experience. An interior designer should have the education that makes them a knowledgeable person, capable of helping you make decisions about how you want to design your home.

If your designer is decisive, your project can be done quickly and efficiently. Your designer should have earned the credentials, not simply paid a fee. The C.C.I.D.C certification, the highest interior design credential that can be achieved in the state of California, is earned by taking a highly challenging test that not only requires knowledge of interior design, but also knowledge of architecture.

It is much like the Bar Exam for interior designers. An interior designer with a contractor’s license can get you through your entire project and help to keep the whole design process cohesive. If you have your own contractor, an interior designer can act as an interpreter to help you understand what your contractor plans to do.

Experience in the field will allow the designer to know what products will work in your home to best suit your environment and lifestyle. From fabrics, to window and wall coverings, and the best appliances, a designer who has experience with various products will help prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Tina has the knowledge, credentials, and experience. She is also an experienced business person and a resident of Redding for more than 35 years. She offers an excellent understanding of the community and can apply her superior residential and commercial resources to all areas of design.

She looks forward to discussing your exciting project with you and the many ways in which she can assist in meeting your design goals.