Kay Pieser is one of those clients who allowed me an opportunity to bring her personality back into her home. When I first met Kay she was trying to decide between building a beautiful new house on her property or salvage her existing house. I explained she could build a beautiful new house, yet she would lose the charm and character she had built into her home; not to mention the memories she had built with her husband and children. Kay felt relieved to see someone share the love of her home as she did. The decision to go ahead with her whole house remodel came quickly.

In my design career, I have built my business by helping people become COMFORTABLE in their homes. Everyone should enjoy good design, beautiful colors and floor plans which work with their life styles. Making houses into homes is what I do best.

The following blogs will focus on the various areas of remodel that I did for Kay. I hope you will enjoy reading about the old and then ‘the new’!

Below: Before and After pictures