Floor Coverings

The Base of Decorating

Floor covering purchases provide comfort, as well as the basis for the style of the decorating scheme.


Carpet texture changes your style more than you think. There are many different types of nontraditional carpet you can try in your home. However, if you or your family like to tumble or lay on the floor then it is best to stick to a traditional plush style for comfort. Don’t forget carpeting is also a safety feature on wood steps for active children.

Wood Floors

Can range from rich, to dramatic, to cozy. There are new low maintenance features that come with new hardwood flooring. New concrete sealers are used by Tina’s craftsmen which allow wood floors to be installed on slab foundations with great guarantees.

Tile Floors

Give you a textured, open feel making your space seem cooler and much larger especially when using an 18-inch tile in a small space. Tile floors can also help in the heating and cooling of your home. During the hot summers tiles stay cool on the feet. For the colder winters a wonderful addition to tiled floor is a heated mat that is installed under the tile to warm the floor.

Marble Floors

Travertine marble floors give you a formal, dramatic and timeless look.

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