The tile floors in the home have an amazing abstract mosaic design. Good old indestructible Paver tiles. These floors meant a lot to Kay because the floor was repaired by a dear friend who passed away. When the floors started to come apart in the high traffic areas, they chose to put a beautiful wood ribbon down the center. Great artistic solution to a problem.

In remodeling, we took great care to salvage every tile, scouring them wand reusing them where the remodeling left space. The hardwood ribbon was done by her dear friend was there to stay.

The original kitchen was two rooms. This was an old home which had been remodeled before. The major items to put in the kitchen included an on-demand water heater system, which allowed us to take out the wall dividing the kitchen counters. We eliminated an old pantry cabinet which had water issues caused by the master shower wall. During the remodel, the kitchen and shower were made larger.

Although we kept the corridor style of the kitchen which had always worked for the family, we reconfigured the kitchen “work Triangle.”. A work triangle is a basic part of a kitchen design to keep the sink, stove and refrigerator ties together to save steps. We added all new appliances and space saving cabinets with lots of pull out trays. With all the new storage we created, Kay had actually struggled to fill all the new cabinets.