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When I was in the 5th grade, I came home from school one day to find my mother had painted all the walls in our living room a deep turquoise color. My Grandmother had made slip covers for all the furniture. Such a transformation in our living room impacted me to the point where I knew I had a love for interior design.

My family traveled all over the world. Moving every two years was a normal part of being a military family. In our travels throughout the world and the United States, I loved seeing all the different ways people decorated their homes. When someone says they want an Indian flavor to their home, my mind brings up Southwest, American Indian, Eskimo Indian, and Far-East Indian. I have seen all these styles and they are very different.

I have a passion for puzzles and putting people’s homes together thrills me. Whether the house is 700 or 7,000 sq. feet, it is always exciting and challenging. My love of puzzles received it’s biggest boost when I became a “B” licensed contractor in 1998. This step allowed me to be in full control of my clients’ final projects. My endeavors to fulfill their needs and desires became much easier to achieve.

Having worked over 40 years in the design business, people will ask me when I plan to retire. “Who knows” is my standard reply. Why should I stop doing what I love so much? I meet so many wonderful clients, some of whom have become close friends over the years. Helping them make their homes and lives more beautiful is another of my passions.

Give me an opportunity to share my knowledge while helping you enjoy your home.

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