Wall Coverings

Impressive Backdrops

Tina can change your walls form ordinary into a stunning backdrop that completes your home. Wall coverings are the most cost-effective material in home and commercial decor. Wallpaper wears better than paint and money can be saved in not needing to repaint.

Wallcovering has been the most cost-effective material in decorating for years.

Why do you think commercial buildings are still strong in this area? The money is not only saved in repainting, but most important many wallpapers wash far better than paint.

Wall coverings have always been Tina’s passion! The home fashion industry has agreed with Tina that they are “in” again. Wallcoverings are no longer big flowers and flowered borders. If flowers are your love she can do them, but generally she uses classic textures that “ride the times” and make a rich background to your home furnishings.

Elements of Wall Coverings: We learned in the 1960s not to put a different color carpet in each room because it breaks up the design flow and makes your home look smaller. The same thing can be applied to wall coverings. Having consistent and complimentary wall coverings will make your home more open and spacious while also creating a sense of fluidity from one room to another.

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