Fantastic Lighting Requiring ZERO Electricity

One thing which has become increasingly important in the design of our homes is how we light them. Standard incandescent light bulbs are being eliminated and replaced by CFL bulbs or high efficiency Halogen bulbs. By 2020 the government wants the Halogen bulbs to become 70% more efficient. At the present time, Halogen lights produce entirely too much heat.

The market also plans to eliminate CFL bulbs. They are not very popular because of their light production and the lengthy amount of time it takes to reach full brightness.

As of now, LED bulbs are the future in efficient lighting. The 3000 Kelvin bulbs have a nice color. The 800 Lumen bulbs are the minimum amount of light available and the 1200s are great for kitchens because of the brightness. The bulbs also have a tremendous longevity. The biggest issue with the LED bulbs is their high cost. The good news is we are seeing price decreases about every three months. A good LED bulb now costs about $9.95 and lasts about 25,000 hours or 520 days.

Don’t forget the best light of all. The FREE light we receive from tube lights installed in the ceiling of our homes. These lights require no electricity and do not allow for transmission of heat. I could wear sunglasses in my laundry room during summer months because the tube light produces so much brightness.

Please call me for details on how you can make choices which will save you money, make your home more energy efficient and give you the most light for your dollar.