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Declutter Your Home While Remodeling

This room had an old water bed frame for the bed which engulfed the whole room. We did an iron trundle bed to open this room which also still acts as an office.Like many of us there comes a time when the clutter overtakes our living space. I started this complete home remodel in November [...]

Declutter Your Home While Remodeling2022-05-18T20:26:57-07:00

Bedroom Remodel and Red Sink

During my first visit to the home,, I found Kay and her husband had remodeled the master bedroom many years ago, and it had a most interesting feature. The door would not swing completely into the room because there was a very cool red pedestal sink plumbed into the middle of the floor. Kay [...]

Bedroom Remodel and Red Sink2023-01-18T14:41:40-08:00

Remodeling for Handicap Access

It was tops on the family priority to give the home bathrooms handicap accessibility. We took the closet from the guest room and made it into a shower for the hall bath. We took the big armoire from the entry and used it as a closet in the guest room. We remade the bed rails [...]

Remodeling for Handicap Access2022-07-16T12:50:24-07:00

Making More Room in a Remodel

The Kitchen accessibility was the biggest challenge of the remodel process as usual. I decided to complete this project in two phases. Phase one was to remodel the Hall Bath and two Guest Bedrooms. We changed these rooms completely. When this phase was complete, Kay still had a bathroom, a bedroom and a temporary kitchen [...]

Making More Room in a Remodel2022-05-18T20:28:05-07:00

Kitchen Remodel – Using Original Beauty

The tile floors in the home have an amazing abstract mosaic design. Good old indestructible Paver tiles. These floors meant a lot to Kay because the floor was repaired by a dear friend who passed away. When the floors started to come apart in the high traffic areas, they chose to put a beautiful wood [...]

Kitchen Remodel – Using Original Beauty2022-05-19T13:51:54-07:00

The Family That Eats Together…

As with all close families, the dining area is the “melting “pot” of family happenings. Kay had her husband’s picture at the head of the table,, which I found wonderfully positioned. I elaborated on it a little, yet most of my work in this room was refurbishing an old bench she had in her barn. [...]

The Family That Eats Together…2022-05-19T13:53:13-07:00

Lightening Up the Living Room

Originally the living room was a “circling of the wagons” around the perimeter of the room. The window wall of paneling made the room dark and off balance. The completed project created a room with a conversation area for family and friends as well as an area for her bridge games.We kept some of the [...]

Lightening Up the Living Room2022-05-19T13:54:13-07:00

Updating the Entry of a Creekside Home

Kay’s entry has a wall of windows and a glass front door which makes it more of a sun room than just a place to hang your coat. The entry has a wood burning fireplace for a cozy and comfortable place for Kay and her best friend to sit and talk about all their great [...]

Updating the Entry of a Creekside Home2022-05-19T13:57:12-07:00

A Beautiful Remodel for a Creekside Home

Kay Pieser is one of those clients who allowed me an opportunity to bring her personality back into her home. When I first met Kay she was trying to decide between building a beautiful new house on her property or salvage her existing house. I explained she could build a beautiful new house, yet she [...]

A Beautiful Remodel for a Creekside Home2022-05-19T14:00:32-07:00

Tina’s Client Kay Gives Her Testimony!

The following blog post will give the reader a little journey into Kay's remodel and the steps Tina made to make her house into a beautiful home!The time is right... let's do it... contact an interior designer and begin remodeling!!! I made an appointment, but it was a month out. My girlfriend and I were [...]

Tina’s Client Kay Gives Her Testimony!2022-05-19T14:05:34-07:00
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