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Jean Kilpatrick- Another Satisfied Customer

Jean Kilpatrick- Another Satisfied Customer

The following is a letter from Jean Kilpatrick, another satisfied client of Tina’s Interior Design Resources.

“I think Tina talks to you – gets a grasp of your personality and then builds on that – she doesn’t include her personal likes or dislikes.” 

A couple of years ago my husband and I lost everything in a fire.  65-70 years of possessions – gone.

I had tried to pick some things out on my own – but it didn’t turn out so well, and I became completely overwhelmed with every little detail. I remembered that I had used Tina in the past to redo my kitchen and I liked what she did – so I gave her a call.  She really was a great help.

Tina talks to you and gets a grasp of your personality and then builds around that.  She doesn’t include her own personal likes or dislikes in it, which is a hard thing to do when you’re decorating for somebody else, especially when the client is going slightly awry.  You go awry- she pulls you back.

Tina purchased everything- furniture, drapes, accessories, and artwork.  One special thing she did – my husband is into aviation – so his den is all around aviation.  She made a tranquil place for him.

The house came together very fast.  We were anxious to move out of my daughter’s house – where we stayed for 4 months.  After we found the house we were able to move in within a month.  The furniture started arriving , first the bedroom, then pop-pop-pop the rest of the house came together.  She did all the rooms except for my ironing/exercising room.  I am very pleased with the prices I paid for the furniture – everything really has come together.

I like everything about my house – I am happy.  Tina does a great job – it was a pleasure working with her she is a very likable gal.

Jean Kilpatrick    – Satisfied Customer

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