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Legal Recognition for Interior Designers – Myths and Facts

The following are myths and facts about about legal recognition of interior designers in California courtesy of the California Council of Interior Designers: SEEKING LEGAL RECOGNITION FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS IN CALIFORNIA MYTH OR FACT?You may have heard a lot lately from different groups here in California talking about “seeking legal recognition for the interior design [...]

Legal Recognition for Interior Designers – Myths and Facts2022-12-28T10:42:59-08:00

Another Satisfied Client -Tina Will Make Sure to Hear You and See Your Style.

The following is a letter from Jean Kilpatrick, another satisfied client of Tina's Interior Design Resources."I think Tina talks to you – gets a grasp of your personality and then builds on that – she doesn’t include her personal likes or dislikes." A couple of years ago my husband and I lost everything in a [...]

Another Satisfied Client -Tina Will Make Sure to Hear You and See Your Style.2022-12-28T10:44:29-08:00

Updating Your Furniture with Reupholstery

When remodeling or doing a small refresh on your home, it may seem appealing to buy new furniture. Reupholstering your furniture is a great option. It will allow you to purchase a fresh and updated style while still maintaining the “good bones” of your existing furniture.I always tell my clients there are three reasons to [...]

Updating Your Furniture with Reupholstery2022-05-19T14:13:45-07:00

Finding Your Style

Do you tell your friends you have no concept of style or taste? Your feelings may be based on faulty information. Everyone has personality and therefore a sense of style and taste. Once you begin your own design journey you will find yourself and your style. Fill your home with items chosen to make you [...]

Finding Your Style2022-12-28T10:47:09-08:00

Lighting Your Home

Fantastic Lighting Requiring ZERO Electricity One thing which has become increasingly important in the design of our homes is how we light them. Standard incandescent light bulbs are being eliminated and replaced by CFL bulbs or high efficiency Halogen bulbs. By 2020 the government wants the Halogen bulbs to become 70% more efficient. At the [...]

Lighting Your Home2022-05-19T14:18:27-07:00

What You Can Expect when Hiring a Licensed Interior Designer?

Ways to Pay a DesignerThere are many ways to pay a designer, just as there are many ways a designer can help you create your dream home. Tina is able to work with a variety of budgets and help you with anything from a “quick fix” to a project achieved over months or even years.By [...]

What You Can Expect when Hiring a Licensed Interior Designer?2022-12-28T10:50:10-08:00

Making the Most of Your Custom Kitchen

A custom kitchen that displays the clients treasures.A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Not only is it a place where we perform everyday tasks such as meal preparation. It is also a place where we share with loved ones and create memories. How do you use your kitchen? Are [...]

Making the Most of Your Custom Kitchen2022-05-19T14:37:40-07:00

Man Cave and Organization

Recently, Tina completed a job redecorating a man’s office space that had become his “man cave”. The makeover was initially requested by his wife who was tired of cleaning the mess and saw a need for better organization. One of the biggest improvements Tina made was providing space in the “cave” to store his precious [...]

Man Cave and Organization2022-05-19T14:41:16-07:00

Client Review on Refinished Antique Furniture

I have helped people through my interior design business since 1970. As a local business person for over 40 years, I have been tremendously blessed to be working with so many fantastic clients. One of my latest projects involved reviving the looks of an antique chair and settee from the 1800’s. Below are the before [...]

Client Review on Refinished Antique Furniture2022-05-19T14:44:25-07:00

High Point International Furniture Market

I took my annual trip to High Point International Furniture Market in March. It is, in my opinion, an event every designer should experience. As usual, it lived up to my expectations. It is amazing to see thousands of vendors in one location vying for the buyers’ attention. You see the industry’s finest craftsmen putting [...]

High Point International Furniture Market2022-12-28T10:52:19-08:00
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